Bottleship Wino prepares to defend Black Hills from overly serious wine

USS Mobile Bay … a lot like the Outdoor Wino Bottleship, only different.

When you figure that it costs the U.S. Navy about a billion dollars to launch a Ticonderoga Class cruiser, Rob Livingston and crew at Naked Winery South Dakota have devised a cool way to pare the defense budget.

thai-flood-bottle-water-boatHow? Build a “bottleship.”Which is what they’re doing, out at the Hill City, S.D., tasting room. They’re asking people who buy Outdoor Wino to return the plastic bottles (and re-usable caps). They figure they’ll need about 2,760 bottles (230 cases) to … well, to float their boat.

Rob, who still works construction but followed his wife Kim into the business of getting Naked about a year ago, doesn’t take himself too seriously.

“I’m the idiot that thought it up,” he says. “I saw these water bottles all taped together and some Chinese people on them, with oars, rowing, and I thought, ‘What a great idea. We should make the Outdoor Wino boat, launch it this fall, have a Play Naked event, a BBQ, some music.”

Look for it, shortly after Labor Day, just outside Hill City at Sheridan Lake. Rob figures his “bottleship” will float six intrepid sailors. He’s contemplating throwing down a challenge to other businesses in the area, to gather their own bottles and build their own floaters. Maybe schedule a race. Or a “bottle royal,” with super soaker smackdown.

“And whoever brings us the most bottles back gets prizes for first, second and third,” he says.

Jeff Alley, an Outdoor Wino fan who lives in Colorado, holds the lead so far. He sent Livingston four cases of empties.

“It depends on how many we get back, and how big we build it,” Livingston says. “It might be the Outdoor Wino RAFT.”

He says he has sketched out a design that will let them build it in sections. He figures they’ll have enough bottles by mid-July to build the first section.

“If we only get 50 cases back, we can build it in increments and keep adding onto it year after year,” he says.

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The one question that lingers here is: When they launch this crush cruiser, will they hit it over the bow with a glass bottle or champagne — or a plastic bottle of Wanderlust White?

Glass may not be such a good idea. It could sink the danged dingy. Imagine how bottle collectors would feel about that?

Millersylvania State Park – Olympia, WA

A word from some fishing gals in Washington from Linda Scott.

Shared a bottle of red at Millersylvania State Park near Olympia, WA with my Sisters on the Fly. Good time had around the campfire by 25 or more outdoor-loving women: good wine, good food, good weather, good dogs (they don’t always get to come along — can’t have them tangling up the fishing line).

Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming

Rambling Red rambled with us down the trail through the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming during an All Girls Getaway Weekend!  We cracked the seal and toasted strong independent women at 10,000 ft!  It was four days of camping, riding, telling stories and talking smart, all while enjoying some fabulous wine!  Nothing quite like getting NAKED in the Big Horns!!



Birthday on Oregon Coast

Jeana writes to let us know that our wine is dog proof. She took a bottle to the Oregon coast for her birthday and when her dog took off down the beach after another dog, the contents of her bag went flying!  Luckily the wine survived and the birthday was saved. Glad you were able to “take it outside” for your birthday. Cheers

Quetico Wilderness Canoe Area – Ontario, Canada

Dave Westrick gave us these great shots from Canada. Thanks!

July 11 through the 15 we paddled and fished our way through a part of Quetico Wilderness Canoe area in Ontario Canada.  A cuban cigar and fine wine in one of North America’s most remote areas. The white went especially well with a fresh caught shore lunch. Mike Felmlee cooking fish filets.